The Reason to Start a New Business?

Is it for the Money or for Fun?

Most people would answer “for the money”. After all, the success of a small or medium sized business, or any business, is measured by how much money it makes. Isn’t that the only reason to have any business, small, medium or large?

“Money makes the world go round” as Liza Minnelli sang in Cabaret. But is it the only essence of a business? Is it the only reason for a business owner to get up in the morning? Just imagine having a business making, say, $3-$4 million a year in your pocket but one you hated going to every morning?

It happened to a friend of mine. He studied to become an accountant, as at the age of 18 he could not come up with anything better. He never really liked it. He figured if he was to start his own accounting firm it would be more interesting.

So he did. But it was not. He still found it boring. In the meantime he got married, had kids, and bought a big house with a big mortgage, so there was no way he could change. The business was very profitable but he was not having fun at it. In fact, he hated it. Every morning getting up, he dreaded going to the office. In his empty moments he dreamed about what he would prefer to do.

Finally, many years later when the kids were older, he sold the firm and started an artisan cheese company. He makes considerable less money than running the accounting firm, though it still gives the family a very nice living. More importantly, he is having fun. Loads of fun.

Every morning he gets up with a smile on his face thinking about the challenges he faces that day. He would not be doing anything else. You could not persuade him to go back to running an accounting firm even if he was making 100 times the money.

In my humble opinion it is paramount that you start a business that you enjoy running. After all you will be spending a good portion of your life at its premises. Having fun at it will ensure that you get over the difficulties of the start-up phase and reach profitability. Once you start making money, it will feel even more enjoyable to work at it.

Finding a business that is guaranteed fun can be difficult. Day Trade The World’s trading floor concept is one of those. As market conditions change daily, the business guarantees giving you a challenge that you will find thrilling.